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Made up by Leah

by Laura Glenn A talented Buncrana girl is creating quite a name for herself in the world of film and television make-up artistry. Twenty-year-old Leah Waldron, from Lough View, has already been rubbing shoulders with the stars. She recently beautified model and presenter Angie Best for a new television show and also madeover (and under) the extras on the set of “A Shine of Rainbows,” the recent movie filmed in InishowenLeah is now set to study Film and Special Effect Make-Up in Dun Laoghaire with a view to working in the industry in the future.Modest Leah said she was “delighted” she had managed to gain such valuable work experience at home in Inishowen.She also explained how aquiring employment in the Carlton Hotel in Redcastle helped accelerate her career.She said: “I completed my NVQ level two and three in Beauty Therapy at North West Regional College and then I went to work in the Carlton Hotel which was a great experience. They’re great to work for and I gained loads of experience there. “After a while I decided to branch out on my own but the Carlton have put my name forward for work on a number of occasions and that’s how I got to work with Angie Best. She recorded her new television show in hotel last week. When I got the call from the BBC saying the hotel had recommended me I was delighted.”Leah described Angie Best as “lovely”.She said: “I was a bit nervous going up to her room but when I met her she was really lovely. She talked away about her son Calum and said how much she loved Donegal. She talked too about her ex-husband George and had only good words to say about him. Leah also braved the small screen too.She said: “I had to makeover the contestant on the programme and I was filmed doing that which was a bit nervewrecking but it was brilliant.”She was delighted to gain valuable film experience on the set of A Shine of Rainbows.She said: “It was great. I saw in the papers they were looking for extras and contacted them to ask about working in the make-up department. “I loved it, it really opened my eyes. Film sets aren’t as glamorous as you think, there’s a lot of standing about and waiting but I got great insight into how it all worked and spoke to other make-up artists about what to expect from the job.“I was in charge of all the extras and had to do stuff like making the little boy’s faces look dirty or making characters look pale and I met a lot of actors who work on [RTE Soap Opera] Fair City. There was loads to do. I can’t wait to see what it will all look like on the big screen.”Miss Waldron said she had “always known” she wanted to work in film and television make-up artistry and “can’t wait” to start her new course.Her ultimate dream would be to work on Hollywood films and said actor Ben Stiller and actress Angelina Jolie would be her dream clients. But it’s not just Angelina’s beautiful features that Leah wants to work on, her close proximity to a certain Brad Pitt is also a bit of a bonus.“If Brad decided he wanted me to work on him too then it would be rude to refuse!” laughed Leah.

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